Schools out forever???? Maybe, but not concerts! Check out what's coming to  Bismarck, North Dakota In April

The announcement came out earlier today ( Monday, December 6th ) and already there was a buzz ( When was the last time you actually heard people "Buzzing"?). According to a news press release, reports that one of the giants in the rock world Alice Cooper will be heading out to the Bismarck Event Center on April 6th, along with Buckcherry.  This superstar came blasting onto the scene in the late 60s as Frank Zappa discovered Alice and his band out in Phoenix. So, has Mr. Cooper ever been to North Dakota?

So what do you do when you are a huge star, and find out that there is a tiny little town in the United States that you have something in common with?

The year was 2006, and Alice Cooper was scheduled to perform at the Fargo Civic Center. A sleepy little town about 164 miles away from Bismarck was all set to throw out the red carpet, and of course, the traditional key to the city of about 60 residents was ready to be handed over. Alice Cooper stopped by Alice, North Dakota. Foxnews reported back then "Cooper arrived in Alice the day before he was scheduled to perform at the Fargo Civic Center. About 1,000 people cheered as his limo rolled into the town, one of several in southeast North Dakota named for the daughters of a railroad surveyor" Alice Cooper was a real gentleman, signing autographs and such for well over a half-hour.

Make sure you check out ticket information and do not miss this legend.

Here is where you can go to make plans for this awesome show.


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