The anticipation ran high yesterday in Minot for the opening day of the North Dakota State Fair

Of course, everything was in place to greet the huge crowds, all the animals and exhibits, and no doubt there would be plenty of hungry people ready to consume the traditional fair food. Don't forget about the entertainment, the concerts, and people were so excited to come from all over the state to catch one of the highlight shows. Once again EVERYTHING was in place, the only thing that can't be controlled or planned is the weather, and living out here in North Dakota we all know how forecasts can change in a heartbeat.

Kid Rock And Night Ranger

The excitement was building for a great night of rock, with Night Ranger opening for Kid Rock, how awesome is that? There was a slight problem brewing, a potential tornado was somewhere out there, the big concern was would it hit Minot? So now all you can do is just hope that it will miss the fair, as Night Ranger came on stage and started rockin'. They played for over two hours....where was the bad weather? Kid Rock was scheduled to perform around 9:30. According to "A tornado warning went into effect across a few northern North Dakota counties during the 9 o’clock hour, but the storms stayed north of the State Fairgrounds, and the fair continued on. The warning expired at 9:45" p.m."

So then why was Kid Rock canceled then?

Wasn't the warning over? A late announcement wasn't received very well by many of the 18,000 + fans - Kid Rock canceled. See for yourself some not-too-thrilled people:

Then at around midnight, this came out on the North Dakota State Fair Facebook page:

Who pulled the plug?

That's what a lot of unhappy people want to know - who pulled the plug? Who made the decision to cancel Kid Rock at the very last minute? Was it the right move or just over-cautious OR did Sir Kid blow off Minot and North Dakota?


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