I'm going to go ahead and say "yes" on this one

Not like the North Dakota State Bison football team has a problem drawing attendance, but this will for sure "sweeten the pot" just a bit. The news out of Fargo yesterday was in the works for quite a while, and now it's official - beer will be allowed to be sold at their games in the Fargodome. Now, this isn't a move designed to help fill the stands, not at all - North Dakota State has no problem selling out Bison games. When the pandemic hit, and we all went through that period, questions were asked, would fans eventually come back to the Fargodome? Almost a year ago exactly inforum.com reported " Around 13,000 season tickets have been sold for the 2021 season in a stadium that carries a capacity of 18,700" The answer was an obvious "Yes"

The governing board of the Fargodome voted unanimously...

This has been a discussion for years, should there be alcohol allowed to be sold at Bison games? Well now for the many that were hoping this was ever going to happen can rest easy - according to jamestownsun.com "The governing board of the Fargodome voted unanimously, although with a few reservations, on Tuesday, July 26, to allow beer sales at North Dakota State football games until the beginning of the fourth quarter on a one-year trial basis" This obviously will be a "work in progress" as everyone associated with NDSU and the Fargodome is optimistic - hence this new policy that states  "moderation and an attitude of civility is expected" with patrons adhering "to the fundamental values of respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsible behavior."

The bottom line is.....

That to me it's a privilege the fans have been granted, it's theirs to keep ( if there are no problems ) and it's theirs to lose.




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