For me, it's always disheartening when I drive by a business in the middle of the day and see a "Closed" sign on their door

Especially lately, my first thoughts are that another place has collapsed under the stress of either having a lack of employees or the economy. The encouraging thing that I just found out about this place is, its business doors are closed temporarily, for encouraging and positive reasons.

The place I am talking about is located at 124 N 4th St here in Bismarck

The Toasted Frog Bar & Grill has been entertaining us for years with good food and a comfortable environment to relax and have a drink with family and friends - back in 2009 reported that "The Toasted Frog, a popular restaurant and bar in downtown Grand Forks, is opening a second location in downtown Bismarck". Yesterday the Toasted Frog gave us all an update on why they are closed.

"STAY TUNED" is usually encouraging news, and in this case it was...

...For those that may have been worried driving by and seeing their doors closed, here is some good news from Toasted Frog - " Hey Bismarck - The Toasted Frog will be temporarily closed for a while as we work on some exciting new updates and changes. Stay tuned to our Facebook page over the next few weeks for updates on what we’re working on and when we’ll be reopening! Thanks for understanding, sorry for any inconvenience, and we can’t wait to see all your smiling faces again as soon as possible. STAY TUNED!"

So take a deep breath, everyone, and let's look forward to when we catch their next update

I'm all about staying positive, and that's what the Toasted Frog is doing, taking action and doing what it can to continue to take care of its loyal customers.

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