The Minot Park District announced plans for new parks and trails to be added for residents and visitors.

The park district introduced plans for a new 18-hole golf course and recreation area, a neighborhood park in east Minot, as well as cross-country, mountain bike, and multi-use trails.

The new 18-hole golf course is said to replace the nine hole course at Souris Valley. The nine hole course had been prone to flooding in the past. The park district is currently working with architects on the project.

Ron Merritt, Parks Director, has recently mentioned that the new trails planned are still seeking approval from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The neighborhood park in east Minot includes plans for a multi-use sports court, playground, dog park, restrooms and parking. According to Merritt, the timetable for development is a year or two away.

Several other ideas are still up in the air and have yet to be decided upon. Such ideas that have been tossed around are a proper sledding hill, more playgrounds, a downtown gathering place, and improvements for Polaris Park.

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