The good news keeps coming our way in the Peace Garden State according to Wallet Hub.

Wallet Hub released the results of their survey for the happiest states in America. The team at Wallet Hub examined several areas in every state and ranked each. The key areas were emotional and physical well-being, work environment along with the community environment.

Statistics show happier people practice a healthier lifestyle and live longer. People who live in a state with access to good and affordable health care, and have access to a strong job market are key elements to having a healthy and happy lifestyle.

And we all know, in North Dakota, we have all of these key metrics and the state scored very high to rank 4th overall. The top three states were-

  1. Hawaii
  2. Utha
  3. Minnesota

Here are the rankings in key areas for North Dakota.

  • Adequate Sleep nightly, North Dakota ranked 5th.
  • Longest Term Unemployment rate- North Dakota raked 1st.
  • Highest income growth- North Dakota ranked 1st.
  • Lowest divorce rate- North Dakota ranked 2nd.
  • North Dakotans are hard workers as we ranked 49th with the most hours worked.

The lowest ranked states are Louisiana, Arkansas, and West Virginia.

It's our secret, it keeps the riff-raff out.




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