Necessity is not only the "mother of invention", it's the "second cousin of your couch".  A couch you spotted on the curb and immediately tied on the top of your Ford Taurus.

Mandan, it's with great sadness I share with you the suspension of Springtime Curbside Clean Up Week for 2020.Click here for the entire City of Mandan press release. You'll see many valid reasons and concerns to suspend the practice at this time. Also there's a time frame where you can use the city landfill for free.

Truth be told it's always been a violation of the law to pick and choose items that are new-to-you off the curb during clean up weeks.  But many of us have a genetic condition I believe is called Sanford and Son Syndrome. We suffer from irresistible urges to save those three legged chairs and green velvet couches from the clutches of the city dump.

Getty Images/Photo by NBC Television
Getty Images/Photo by NBC Television

There have been times when this scavenging was from necessity as I was too broke to furnish my efficiency apartment with much more than cinder blocks and empty space. Fortunately my financial fitness has improved but the uncontrollable desire to grab your curbside goodies under the guise of night has not diminished.

I'm not ashamed.  How could my neighbor down the block discard a chair that is still my favorite to this day?  I could say I swiped it out of necessity but that ain't necessarily so.




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