What a way to make the most of your first Bighorn Sheep hunting experience.  A North Dakota hunter recently shot a bighorn sheep that might be going into the record books.  David Suda of Grafton, North Dakota, may have punched his ticket into North Dakota hunting history.

Suda was on his first hunt for bighorn sheep when he shot a ram that will likely set a new state record. According to an article on Fox News, "this is literally a dream come true," for David Suda.  In the article, Suda confirmed that a big game biologist from North Dakota measured the horns on his ram at 190 inches.  Suda, will now have to wait out the rest of the 60 day dry down process to get the official state measurement.  Unless the unexpected happens, Suda should be announced at the new state record holder for Bighorn Sheep in North Dakota.

Of course in North Dakota only a small number of Bighorn Sheep licenses are given out each year in a lottery system.  Most hunters will wait their entire lifetime waiting for their name to be drawn for a Bighorn sheep.  Suda was one of only 5 hunters to have their name chosen in this season's  lottery.  Plus, North Dakota had a record number of entries in 2020 lottery system, to make Suda's odds even worse.

This potential record breaking ram was not a matter of just luck.  David Suda and his hunting buddies had been tracking this animal for awhile (over a six week period) before taking it down on October 30th.  The animal ended up being even bigger than they had previously thought.  Ryan Seil and Jens Johnson are two of Suda's hunting buddies, and were a big part of making the experience happen.  Congrats to David and his hunting partners.



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