Most people like driving fast. In North Dakota, you can do so legally. did an analysis of all the top speed limits in each state and in North Dakota, the posted speed limit in some stretches of road at 75mph is one of the highest in the nation.

Speed limit maximums continue to become higher numbers. says they did the same analysis of speed limits two years ago and about two-thirds of states (or 67%) had speed limits of 70mph or higher. Now, they say about 80% of states have speed limits of 70mph or higher.

The average speed of drivers in North Dakota is 73mph which puts North Dakota as the 7th fastest driving state in the nation.

Texas has the highest posted speed limit in the nation where one stretch of road has an 85mph limit. The average speed of drivers in Texas is 78mph which is No. 1 in the nation. Texas is one of just 7 states that have posted speed limits of at least 80mph. Two years ago, only 4 states had limits of 80 or higher. Among the states that added an 80mph speed limit are our neighbors to the West in Montana as well as our neighbors to the south in South Dakota.

The slowest state in the US is Alaska where drivers go an average of 55mph.

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