North Dakota Law Enforcement has set their sights on speeders.  Which is okay, because North Dakota speeding tickets cost about as much as a couple of frappuccinos from the coffee shop.

They're calling the campaign "Obey the Sign, or Pay the Fine".  It kicked off April 23rd and will continue through May 23rd. Law Enforcement is going to ratchet up enforcement of not just speed limits, but aggressive driving behavior as well.

We've got plenty of speeding and aggressive driving out here on The Strip in Mandan.  Tragically, a motorcyclist died earlier in April on The Strip.  I don't know the exact conclusions that came from that investigation, but I do know that people take mighty big risks trying to get on, off, or across the roadway. It can be frustrating to be stuck waiting for a gap in traffic, and that frustration can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal decisions.

So what's the penalty for "aggressive driving"?  Well in the Century Code, I found "reckless driving" and "aggravated driving" and it looks like it could be $50-$100. Top fine is levied for drag racers.

Speeding fines for North Dakota are quite low when compared to surrounding states- check out the numbers from 2020...

Speeding fines in N.D., surrounding states

North Dakota speeding fines:

5 mph over - $25

10 mph over - $50

15 mph over - $75

20 mph over - $100

25 mph over - $125

South Dakota speeding fines:

1-5 mph over - $85

6-10 mph over - $115

11-15 mph over - $125

16-20 mph over - $145

21-25 mph over - $165

26+ mph over - $220

Montana speeding fines:

1-10 mph over - $40

11-20 mph over - $70

21-30 mph over - $120

31+ mph over - $200

Minnesota speeding fines:

1-10 mph over - $115

11-14 mph over - $125

15-19 mph over - $135

20-25 mph over - $215

26-30 mph over - $275

31+ mph over - $375

I'd love to hear where you think great speed trap areas could be set up in Bismarck/Mandan.  It's pretty obvious to say north State Street/Highway 83 because you actually often see Law Enforcement literally setting up a speed trap on that corridor. But if I was an officer looking to score some speeders, I'd stick with The Strip, or at least the area around it.  Firstly, when coming off Memorial Bridge heading west into Mandan the speed limit drops from 40 MPH to 30 MPH as you approach that first set of traffic lights.  Put a camera on that area and watch the cash come in!  My other favorite spot to bust speeders would be by Ressler Kupper Kramer Automotive where Mandan Avenue goes up the hill toward the refinery.  BUSTED!

If you were an ambitious officer, where would you be hiding?

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