We think we have it good in the Peace Garden State, after all, what is there not to love? Yes, we all know the winters can be brutal, outside of that, it's a beautiful state with plenty to do and four very distinct seasons.

The Cheat Sheet recently published a list of states which are the worst states to retire in and North Dakota is on the list.

Some states are kinder to retirees than others. You need to consider the funds for your retirement, the cost of living and medical costs. These all played a huge factor in the list revealed from The Cheat Sheet. I know from personal experience, our weather plays a huge role for many people. For example, my father who lives in Louisiana and is a very healthy 83, refuses to visit me during the winter. He says "it's too cold". He won't even think about a visit in August for the fear of an early cold front passing through.

States along the East coast made up most of the top 15 states worst for retirees including New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Deleware and New Hampshire. Other states on the list included Hawaii and Alaska.

North Dakota ranked a very high #5. Some of the reasoning to the high ranking includes our remote location, the average cost for a nursing home is over $120,000 annually.

And we placed 47th for the quality of elderly and family caregiver support. As I mentioned earlier, the harsh winter also plays a huge role for the state's ranking.

See the entire list here.


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