All it takes is one tweet to start a roast of North Dakota on Twitter.

UberFacts, which happens to label themselves as, "The most unimportant things you'll never need to know," decided to tweet out about North Dakota last night and our state didn't have a chance against the tweet storm that followed.

From there, as Twitter typically does, they had jokes.

Of course, we needed to see if there was any truth to this 'uberfact.' It turns out back in January, Professor William Chopik at Michigan State University performed a study on which states were the best and worst for lovers. Sure enough, North Dakota was declared 'the worst state for lovers.'

For the study, Chopik used survey data from a total of 127,070 adults from all states. Determining factors in the study were attachment anxiety, whether or not they were considered a 'clinger' (possibly stage five), and attachment avoidance.

The top states for lovers scored low on the survey, as those are all unhealthy characteristics in a relationship. Mississippi, Utah, and Wisconsin finished in a near tie for 'the top state(s) for lovers.' North Dakota had the worst scores, followed by Kentucky, Kansas, and South Dakota.

The study has since been published in the Journal of Research and Personality.

It seems that if you've been lucky enough to find someone in North Dakota, you should hang on to them like grim death. But in all seriousness, there's someone for everyone and regardless or where you are, love is everywhere.


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