The perfect American family dream has changed since 2009.

Remember when the dream of the perfect American family involved a white picket fence, 2.5 children, and a Golden Retriever? Well, long are the days of the American family dream. In fact, since 2009, marriage in this country has been on the decline. Especially in North Dakota.

Marriage in North Dakota has declined by 70% since 2009. But divorce has dropped as well.

According to Quote Wizard, the national average for the decline in marriages is 45% since 2009. But in North Dakota, the amount of marriages has dropped by 70% in the state since that time. And the divorce rate in North Dakota is reported at only 4% as compared to the national average of 21%.

Why are Millennials not getting married?

Bently University attributes several reasons as to why Millennials are not getting married as their parents did. Things that factor into this include everything from women focusing on education and careers to the fear of potential divorce. As a non-married Millenial, I can agree that those would be two legitimate reasons not to get married. But there is more to it, too.

More than just career drive and fear of divorce, I think most of us Millenials realize that there really is more to life than settling down. While it may be great to be married and have a family, it is also great to have total freedom to do what you want when you want. Also, romantic relationships do not have to lead to marriage in order to be meaningful.

How do you feel about the drastic decline in marriages in North Dakota?

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