Hacked infidelity website Ashley Madison had some 37 million members, many of which had their information posted online last week. So, how many of those members were from Bismarck?

Tecnilogica recently came out with an interactive map, which shows the number of registered Ashley Madison members in any given city, along with the percentage of how many of those users are men.

According to the map, there were 4,748 Ashley Madison members in Bismarck, 87.5% of which were male.

With a population of nearly 69,000 people, according to a 2014 U.S. Census estimate, that means that approximately 6.8% of Bismarck residents were registered users of the infidelity website.

Mandan, meanwhile, had 934 registered users, 88% of which were male.

To see how many registered users there were in another North Dakota city, or any other city in the world, use the interactive map above.

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