It's no shock that the average marrying age throughout the country seems to range between the years of 25 to 30.

According to Insider, millennials have been approaching marriage differently in recent years, which has caused the divorce rate to significantly decline. Despite this, the average age when men and women first marry has remained relatively low. In North Dakota, the average age for men to marry is 27.9 years, and for women, 26 years.

New York and Massachusetts both have the highest average marrying age for men at 30.9 years. Washington, D.C. has the highest average marrying age for women at 30 years of age. The lowest for men is in Utah at 26.2 and the lowest average marrying age for women is in Idaho at 25.1.

Then again, if you're looking to get out of your marriage, you may want to head east to Minnesota where they have a 'shortcut to divorce' that does include stipulations, such as having no children, neither party owning any real estate, and neither party having unpaid debts of $8,000 and up.

That being said, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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