God rest their souls, my parents have both passed on.  I loved them so much but never really understood why there were never more questions about why their son often smelled like a campfire.

I'm from the Class of 1982

Since my folks are gone, the statute of limitations is now out the window. Let me confess to being a wayward teen. I had a Ford Maverick like this one but in Metallic Blue, applied so poorly that it was rougher than 32 grit and you could never do a Dukes of Hazzard slide across the hood.

attachment-FORD MAVERICK

Then the state registered beer kegs.

My point is, that the Maverick was built on a pickup platform and was perfect for driving across pastures and even farm fields. Or perhaps cattle trails. Youngsters let me explain "the kegger party".  There were one or two kegs of beer and a meeting of teens somewhere along the cattle trail. Two bucks for  a red solo cup and a bonfire to help you find the party and to keep ya warm. Then...they started to register keg serial numbers.


Now when someone was 21 or older and rented a keg for their underage buddies (for a $20.00 profit) they would be responsible for its whereabouts. So, if the cops was to break up our pasture parties there was no more denying who brought the keg. It was registered.

End of an era. Enter the comedians.

Thanks for listening.  Now, it seems like the Ward County Sheriff's Department can just follow you on Facebook and pre-bust your party in a most funny fashion.

A Deputy Sheriff Badge

So this is from the WCSD Facebook Page Friday, June 24th.  Seems they're Facebook buddies with the area party groups. So they sent this fun-filled message.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department is aware of birthday party invitation circulating on social media.
The party is inviting people to an undisclosed lake in Ward County tonight. The nature of the flyer leads us to believe that the partygoers could be in violation of numerous state laws. We are not entirely sure what it means to “vibe out”, but we would assume that catching a court date or getting arrested isn’t the “vibe” you were looking for.
Our Deputies have RSVP’d to the party and will be there with party favors to hand out to those deserving of them.
If our presence isn’t enough to deter you, check out KX News Meteorologist Amber Wheeler’s #OneMinuteForcast, to plan your night accordingly. You may want to double check your tent stakes while setting up your camp.
But wait! The stand up cop show ain't over yet...here's the hash tags #
#HappyBirthday #It’sMyParty #I’llCryIfIWantTo #PartyFavors

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.  Classic!  Thanks Ward County crew!

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