We all heard about it for months, some people planned on this for over a year

That's what most fairs are all about. Once a year almost every city holds some sort of summer gathering, for Minot it's the North Dakota State Fair. When the entertainment lineup is announced, some people start planning right away, whether they live out of town or not, they make hotel reservations and get all their family and friends together, it's definitely a huge part of their lives. So what happens when semi-disaster strikes? This scenario played out last Friday night, and literally, the whole country caught wind of it.

Mother Nature played a cruel trick at the North Dakota State Fair

The excitement and feeling at the grandstands Friday night were fully charged when Night Ranger took the stage. The opening act for Kid Rock came out without a glitch and 18,000 party hopefuls were enjoying the night, right up until the tornado warning that hovered in the air caused the later show to be canceled. The announcement came as a complete shock to the huge crowd that most were certain the show would still go on - after all on the Midway the rides were still going on. So what happens when those that have been drinking, standing and waiting in long lines prior to the event, suddenly get bad news? You can expect to see tempers explode, and that's what happened. Pictures and videos caught the "bad side" of people here in North Dakota. This was right up the alley for TMZ and the New York Post who posted strategic photos and a video that appeared to show the crowd out of control - "Rioting Kid Rock fans trash North Dakota State Fair grounds, wild photos show" - I'm sure those that heard about it all around the country assumed there was some kind of disaster that happened. In some ways it had, but it was just sheer disappointment.

People are quick to move on though

The North Dakota State Fair immediately posted several ways to get a refund. The grandstand is still standing, no apparent damage was done - except for word-of-mouth - those that will say Kid Rock was canceled prematurely. Some have taken to social media sites here in Bismarck trying to "Shame" North Dakotans, making National news and embarrassing us all. I have to admit, the actions of a few were disturbing but that can and does happen everywhere. For the most part, 99.9% of the 18,000 + people left the fair intact, although a huge amount of fans probably will not forget and forgive in quite a while - that's life.

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