Where does North Dakota rank on a list of states ranking"best/ worst student debt" in the nation?

WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia and ranked them all on a scale of most-to-least student debt. While North Dakota did not crack the top five on the list, our state is the sixth-worst state for student loan debt.  WalletHub states that the ranking was determined by "11 key measures of indebtedness and earning opportunities."

Source: WalletHub

Nationwide student loan debt is a hot topic issue.

According to Fortune, even though President Biden is wiping out millions of dollars in debt for hundreds of thousands of borrowers, there is still a $1.7 trillion debt looming over the unforgiven borrowers. And I feel the pain of those borrowers still in debt.

I have paid attention to what has been going on with student loan debt for a while. I was ecstatic to get yet another email, telling me my repayment date has been pushed back to January 2022. But I have been keeping my fingers crossed that Elizabeth Warren gets the President to sign away all student loan debt up to $50,000 - that would be my wildest dream coming true!

Do you feel scammed by those who encouraged you to go to college?

As someone with a college degree, I honestly do not encourage younger people to go to college. It is not that I do not think education is beneficial, I just do not think the price of education is worth the debt. And it is not fair for parents and schools to put pressure on kids 18 and younger to enslave themselves to student loan debt.

People who disagree with this mindset may yell, "You made a choice to take out a loan, you can pay it back!" But how can you blame a young person for giving in to the peer pressure by the adults who were supposed to provide guidance? I guarantee there would be fewer people going to college if they were given proper education on the cost. I know I would much rather work with no student loan debt than work and have student loan debt I will never pay off.

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