Turns out all the smaller sizes of shortening were sold out days before Christmas. But me and my girl Brenda needed some shortening for her grandma's classic peanut butter blossoms as found in her grandma's classic recipe book. (note this wonderful woman passed away last year at 103).  You can only imagine this lovely German lady had plenty of recipes calling for shortening. But we don't bake every day, so how are we going to get through this monster container of lard?


Three pounds was the smallest size the store had!

Yes, I know it's not "lard" but lard is more fun to say.  Here's the difference...

The difference between lard and vegetable shortening is that lard is made of pure animal fat and shortening is made of vegetable oil. ... Shortening behaves the same way as lard in baking, producing flaky layers. However, shortening doesn't impart the same flavor or richness as lard.

For me growing up, Crisco was recyclable.  You cooked with it and then you poured it back in the tub!  There was always some container in the fridge that was probably the mixture of three different types of grease. In today's hyper-sensitive world they don't want you melting the container and getting a 3rd-degree burn. No fun.


So let's get cooking on coming up with great ideas to grease up your space and even your face! These are great hacks for your home.  Presenting twenty uses for all that spare shortening.

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