Man, it feels good to pass along good news.

So seems like North Dakota sunflower producers are looking for a pretty good year!  I'm sure it's roller coaster year after year. I'm sure that projections don't mean profit. But, it sure is nice to see that the projections for this season are strong.

The first sunflower production forecast for 2020 is 2.81 billion pounds, up 44% from 2019, according to the National Sunflower Association.

That's big, but put it in perspective for the state...and they do

North Dakota leads the country in sunflower production. The state forecast is 1.23 billion pounds, up 64% from last year. The expected average yield of 1,761 pounds per acre would be a record, according to the association.

The harvest rates for many core crops seem to be going very well according to the Unites States Department of Agriculture's October 19th report.Take a look at it here.  I'm not making this up- The sunflower harvest is at 44% versus 5% harvest at this same time last year. It's not just sunflowers, the soybean harvest is at 92% versus 19% at this same time last year. Last year must have been a very messy harvest season. All told though, we're also ahead of the five year average in many cases.

It's good to think that in a very stressful year, North Dakota's agriculture producers hopefully have a few less things to stress about.  At least a few less things. I'm sure there's many more challenges on their plate.

Lemme just say- Yay for good news!



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