Bismarck done did ya in fellas. Which is fine by me.

I see these sons a guns digging the heck outta a certain Bismarck park. I won't tell you where- because I take my dogs there. Bismarck Tribune has the story...

The Bismarck City Commission unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that allows USDA Wildlife Services to help residents with their rodent troubles. Commissioners had received complaints about populations of Richardson's ground squirrels in the city.

What about them other rodents?

Let's not limit ourselves to "Richardson's ground squirrels"

...shouldn't we throw in gophers, prairie dogs, pack rats, weasels, chipmunks, field mice, and of course flickertails? Frankly, I don't know the difference between a gopher and a ground squirrel.

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

Although I did shoot the heads off tons of gophers back in my early teens.  We'd drive the "farm truck" through the pasture with a .22 rifle loaded with hollow points to make sure the job was complete.  We'd drive through the pastures calling out 'HAIRCUTS! SEVEN CENTS A CUT!".

The bullets were probably a nickle, but mark-up right?

So how would the Government go about it?

Here's why you need to watch where your animals are sniffing around after you see a government squad surveying the perimeter.

Putting gas cartridges down into their burrows or using traps can be effective ways to kill the rodents. Some gas cartridges require a special permit to use, she said.



So what is the mission of the USDA Wildlife Services?  Well it's pretty darn extensive- click here to learn more!  You'll see it breaks their damn heart to kill them critters you're complaining about. But, it's a job.


Ahh...the memories.

Kill em by calling Wildlife Services 701-355-3300.

OR...maybe you just recruit a few of these.

eagle eye close-up, macro photo, eye of the male Northern Harrier.


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