Don't only show up on day three and tell me everything's been picked over.  It's free so find something else to get cranky about.  By FREE I mean...goodness sakes leave a donation!  This sale is for the benefit of all the critters housed in the Central Dakota Humane Society.  Bring cash you're willing to leave there and leave with a truckfull of stuff!

It's the best and most VAST rummage sale y'all see in your lifetimes! Not sure if that's true for you- but it is pretty big.

The Dog Days Deals Rummage Sale at CDHS is actually a four day event.  Going on Wednesday August 11th through Saturday August 14th, This massive sales event actually takes place in three distinct stages.

Around 70 community members involved with the United Way's Day of Caring will help set up the sale.

How big is it?  It's gonna take 70 people to set it up on Wednesday, August 11th! That's all sorts of tents and tables and thousand of items on display for you to buy at donation prices!

Stage 1

Wednesday is the First Pick sale.  Buy a $10 wristband and you get in before the rest of the mutts.  Grab some good stuff and leave a bunch of money there for the critters. Remember, we're all mutts.  You just spent ten bucks to sneak in first.

Stage 2

Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday beginning at 9 am, There will be thousands of deals on household goods and decor, furniture, tools, games, toys, electronics, clothing, bedding...y'know RUMMAGE SALE STUFF!  Most items are not priced so you name the price!   Just remember you're buying to support Merle and many other kitties and puppies like him.

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Stage 3

Beginning at 11am Saturday all non-tagged items at the Dog Days Deals Sale ARE FREE! By "free", I mean you can come out with a truck, fill it up, and find it in your heart to give a generous donation.

So do the right thing...bring money and get guaranteed dimes to the dollar deals on everything for your home, dorm, camper, or your uncontrollable need to hoard.

Click on the CDHS Facebook page or website for more info- plus lotsa of critter pictures!

Rummage Sale Fans! Have we got a deal for you!
The CDHS Dog Days Deals HUGE Rummage Sale is coming up starting on Wed, Aug. 11 (4-6pm - First Pick wristbands). Continuing on Aug. 12-13 (9am-6pm) and Aug. 14 (9am-2pm). Most items are 'make an offer.' Just remember - all the proceeds go to help the pets in need at CDHS! From 11am-2pm on Aug. 14, everything left that is unmarked is FREE!!!
Thousands of items. Treasures galore. Household items, garage items, tools, decor, kitchen, furniture, pictures, knick-knacks, Christmas, toys, games, yard items, on and on and on.
We will have hot dogs, chips, and drinks available as well!

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