Now it's time for me to take a couple of minutes of your time, and get you good and hungry! Mouth-watering great stuff  - North Dakota's very own, pleasuring your personal palate from homemade gelato to potato dumplings. Where's the beef? I got yours right here with Schweitzer’s Gourmet Meats. Travis Schweitzer had his own construction business for twenty-something years, then something clicked inside his stomach, and the thought of juicy steaks ran wild in his head. Enlisting the help from his wife and seven kids, Travis began working with a butcher knife. Now as a team they provide custom processing to the Bismarck area - "We raise the best beef in the world, bar none. And I know that for a fact. I’ve tried beef all over this country,”  Schweitzer believes that North Dakota has some of the highest quality beef. I'm in!

Switching gears to something on the fruity side, Jamestown's Berry Dakota -  Kay Eagleson is the genius behind jellies, jams, syrups, and other products from North Dakota berries since 1996. You can experience this magic at retail stores and catch it at 'Pride Of Dakota' Holiday events.

When was the last time you enjoyed a delicious dumpling? Leo's Potato Dumplings has what you need and more. Tucked away in Lankin, North Dakota, Leo combines such goodness from Red River Valley farmers, flour from the North Dakota Mill in Grand Forks, and uses local eggs. It all adds up to amazing potato dumplings.

Are we ready for a gift from the heavens? Duchessa Gelato's Maartje Murphy silenced all the critics who thought she was "Nuts" by starting up a gelato business in North Dakota - she serves the homemade gelato at local events using an authentic gelato cart she purchased from Italy. With 100% of her heart and soul, she delivers a smooth, creamy, and rich taste. Whatever you have to do, whether it's walking 10 miles through broken glass, you will fall in love with the first bite.

So who is hungry??? Check out more info on these wonderful places.


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