A person could argue that every single one of us watched and loved Disney movies at some point or another.


Disney Channel Movies

There is a distinction that needs to be made here. Disney movies are one thing; Disney Channel movies are what aired on Disney Channel's network. Basically, the scale of the production is/was much smaller for the network movies.


For example: The Cheetah Girls (One of my favorites) is a Disney Channel movie, and Frozen, Moana, Lilo & Stitch, etc., are Disney movies.


Overall, the number one Disney Channel Original Movie according to ShaneCo  is a more recent one; Zombie was the top movie in 11 states.

The second most popular movie is Descendants 3. I'm not sure why Descendants 1 and 2 weren't as enjoyable as the first, but now I'm curious what the hype is all about.

North Dakota

So which movie was number one in North Dakota? Was it Get a Clue with Lindsay Lohan, Halloweentown, Johnny Tsunami, or Camp Rock? No -- it was none of those, though they are all great. North Dakota decided Double Teamed was the best of all the Disney Channel movies.

What's It About?

If you've never seen the movie it's about, I'll help you out. Two twin sisters were discovered to have untapped talent as basketball players. They start playing and eventually the girls make it all the way to the WNBA. Ring a bell?

Personally, I think Don't Look Under The Bed, Susie Q, and Under Wraps were the absolute best Disney Channel Original Movies, and I will die on this hill.




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