Have you ever wondered how many people have named their pets the same exact thing as you? I do all the time, so I did a little “digging.” – Pun intended.


According to bestoflifeonline, the most popular Dog name in the state of North Dakota is “Louie”. I have exactly zero theories as to why this is the most popular dog name, but it certainly is cute. Honestly, I feel like I’ve heard of more cats with the name Louie, but what do I know?


Insider.com put together a list of the state’s most popular cat names and found that North Dakotans are most likely to name their cat “Boots”. Living in North Dakota, we all certainly have them, but are we really naming our cats after them in mass numbers? I call shenanigans.

Most popular ‘unconventional’ pet:

Tons of North Dakotans have other types of pets, so I was curious… what’s the most popular pet that ISN’T a cat or dog? Insider.com did another survey and found that after cats and dogs, North Dakotans go for… birds.

I also have to give an honorable mention to freshwater fish, because they would certainly be the runner-up, though, I have to say, I feel like horses should count as pets.

How many of us are pet owners?

Well, as it turns out, 67 percent of households have some sort of pet. And, according to Statista.com, the average American household spends approximately 442 dollars a year on dogs and 329 dollars a year on cats.


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