As the Royal Wedding was the focus this weekend, 'wedding season' is pretty much underway as the summer months approach. So, what's your wedding song going to be, North Dakota?

Business Insider published the list of the most popular wedding songs in each state based on information provided by Spotify. This was done by using songs from Spotify playlists with 'wedding' or 'first dance' in the title. From there, each state's top 500 songs that were the most-played were ranked from how often they've been listened to in May so far.

It's no surprise that in North Dakota, the most popular wedding artist is Ed Sheeran. Across the country, Sheeran was the favorite artist for 'first dance' songs in 24 states. But the question is, which of Ed Sheeran's songs is North Dakota's most popular wedding song? Honestly, if I had to guess, I would've said, 'Perfect.' However, I would be wrong. Of the 24 states where Sheeran is the most popular wedding artist, only four states picked 'Perfect' to be the most popular wedding song of that state.

North Dakota's most popular wedding song is Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud.' That was the pick in the remaining 20 of the 24 states that picked Sheeran as their most popular wedding artist. Of course, that could eventually change. 'Perfect' is a younger song than 'Thinking Out Loud' as the latter has had more of a chance to age and become somewhat traditional.

What do you think, North Dakota? Did they get it right? Whether you agree or not, the time of year is upon us. In the excited words of Vince Vaughn in 'Wedding Crashers,' "It's wedding season!"

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