"The sun'll come out Tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow There'll be sun!" - Lyrics to 'Tomorrow' from the musical Annie. Why am I humming that tune? Well, North Dakota is one step closer to having Permanent Saving Time. About a month ago, I put out a blog talking about ND lawmakers who had introduced a bill that would exempt North Dakota from Daylight Saving Time. I wasn't surprised one bit by the reaction of people living here in Bismarck. Let's just have it set all year round, most said, I mean, after all, it works for Hawaii and Arizona. We have heard this notion brought up many times in the past, only to fall short, and the idea silently slips away. However, never say never!

According to usnews.com Legislation in the House and Senate would require the state to observe daylight-saving time all year, but only if Congress allows it. Senators on Friday narrowly defeated the bill 22-23, after a committee had endorsed it. But the measure is still alive in the House, where a committee gave it a “do-pass” recommendation on Friday. The North Dakota legislation would only be enacted if Congress allows it. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, momentum is building in statehouses across the country to permanently switch to daylight saving time, and 13 have done so, but are awaiting approval from Congress.

Not everyone wants this to succeed though, and they have a valid point - saying that the problems the permanent switch would have would be with children - they would have to wait in the dark longer in the morning waiting for their bus or walking to school. We shall see soon - "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! IloveyaTomorrow! You're always A day Away" -  if North Dakota gets their wish.



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