For goodness sakes can we get the Space Force Base some water?

You know there are missile silos all across the state as well as two Air Force bases in North Dakota, but there is also a Space Force base and they're in powerful need of water for cooling. Could it be for cooling North Dakota's desire to take over all of space?

Y'all think I'm kidding?  Tell 'em Wikipedia!

Cavalier Space Force Station, North Dakota, is a United States Space Force installation, where the 10th Space Warning SquadronSpace Delta 4United States Space Force monitors and tracks potential missile launches against North America with the GE AN/FPQ-16 Enhanced Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS).


The PARCS also monitors and tracks over half of all earth-orbiting objects to enable space situation awareness and space control.[1] In addition to contractors, NORAD has US and Canadian military members assigned to the facility.

President Trump Signs An Armed Forces Day Proclamation And Participates In U.S. Space Force Flag Presentation
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Decades ago it was considered that if North Dakota would have seceded from the Union, we would be the number three military power in the world

If you had to guess at the world’s strongest nuclear power, you would probably get the top two right. America and Russia are top dogs and have been so since Russia became an official country again. Before that, you guessed it, the Soviet Union was on top.


But do you know who is number three in the world?


Well, for a few years in the Cold War, North Dakota could have claimed that spot by seceding.

Yea, what they said. That was, North Dakota rolls with Space Force as well.

North Dakota's Space Force needs cooling off. Or so the Associated Press reports

The proposed project at the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System includes a 23.5 million gallon pond and associated water pipeline, pump station and water quality maintenance system.


The project would provide a backup to ensure that enough water is available if the current cooling system fails.

Fine could we see a short YouTube video to give us a better perspective?

That is from the State Historical Society of North Dakota Facebook channel. Here's President Trump signing stuff to make Space Force official!

President Trump Meets With National Space Council At White House
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Is it a Space Force base from the past?  New base commander Lt. Col. John Koehle adds this...

“We’re not gone. We’re here every day, doing stuff,” he said. “Obviously the Air Force is determined we are going to be here for a while and it’s worth investing in and putting money into.”

My South Carolina dad enlisted in the 1950s and got sent to Alaska.  When asked where he wanted to be assigned next, he requested somewhere more southern.  He got it.  He was sent to the Radar Base on that prairie hill south of Minot. North Dakota.  After all, every place is south of Alaska. So it looks like Cavalier is a working Radar Base in North Dakota. Keeping an eye on the sky and keeping North Dakota at the forefront of US military might.

Plus we have lots and lots of guns. And we'll see you coming.

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