As we say good-bye to winter and warmly welcome the spring season, many of us are starting to plan out our gardens. Give your house some quality curb appeal with these trending flowers! Before you plant, you may want to take in consideration that we live in a colder climate area and if you are lacking that green thumb, it's best to do your research!

While searching the different types of flowers, there is data being collected on which flower is most popular by state. A team over at House Method generated a new report using Google Trends and mapped it all out by state. Ranging from daisies to carnations to buttercups, the Rose came in as the second top searched spring flower. Nine flowers tied for last place including tulips, lilacs, and daffodils.

What's North Dakota most searched flower? The daisy? The daffodil? The pansy? Click HERE to read the article! We were surprised to!

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