I love sports movies. I have probably seen them all, and the ones that really stick out in my mind, are based on true events. Easily one of my top five favorites is a movie called Hoosiers starring Gene Hackman. Wikipedia says This film came out in 1986 - It tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that enters the state championship. It is loosely based on the story of the Milan High School team that participated in the 1954 state championship.  

I won't spoil the movie by telling you more, but I will tell you what I loved the most - a small school enrollment that fields a basketball team with a coach that teaches the athletes the true art of playing together as a team. So when I came across this article in the Inforum today I had to share this:

 Alsen, N.D., north of Devils Lake, has only around a hundred persons living there. But it has a big high school basketball heritage.

Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum writes  The long ago Alsen Broncos basketball team is known far and wide for setting a winning streak in the 1950s which has not been topped since. The first year they won 34 games counting the ones that took them to the state Class C championship, and the second year they built on that foundation, winning another 34 games. 

Lind went on to say that this tiny school went on to become giants by winning 79 games in a row -  a record which will stand in North Dakota basketball history books. 

So if you are an Alsen, North Dakota resident - do yourself a favor and watch Hoosiers! 


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