A few weeks ago, a North Dakota family lost their mother in a horrific car accident.

Last month, a North Dakota family was in a horrific car accident that resulted in the death of the mother. Kelli Hagerott was killed and her husband, Tim, along with two of their children were severely injured when their family vehicle rear-ended a maintenance truck. The thing is, the truck was abandoned in the middle of a lane on Interstate 94 near Tower City, North Dakota when the family hit it.

The driver of the maintenance truck has a history of traffic infractions.

As it turns out, the operator of the abandoned maintenance truck has several years' worth of traffic infractions. Inforum reports that Mario Dewayne Butler "has six counts of driving while his license was suspended or revoked on his North Dakota criminal record" and "He was also cited three times for driving without liability insurance." And his last incident was reportedly less than two months before he left his car in the driving lane of an interstate.

The Hagerott family can never get their mother back, but they deserve a little justice.

Of course, the accident is under investigation, and even Tim Haggerott's actions that night are reportedly being looked into. Which makes sense for a thorough investigation. But no matter what was done on the Hagerott's end, there should never have been a vehicle abandoned in a driving lane. Mario Dewayne Butler should never again have the chance to operate a vehicle of any sort. A person lost her life and a family will forever be changed because of Butler's negligence.

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