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Let me just share with you the story of dozens of travelers who recently fell prey to the slightly evil antics of their Apple Maps App.  App-dependent, that's what we've become, and rightly so, navigation apps are ridiculously helpful. But, if you find yourself more that a hundred miles off course you might be a little too dependent.

But that's what happened to a pair of buddies leaving Devil's Lake for the pristine beauty of Yellowstone National Park. Drop your destination in the Apple Maps app and end up in rural outpost of Driggs, Idaho. Kinda messed up guys.  But they're not alone. Local residents say maybe 20 drivers a day were pulling up to Driggs and discovering it's pretty far away from Yellowstone National Park.  You still got to enjoy the beauty of the Teton Pass and Teton Valley.  But, that ain't the point. Brenda and I are thinking about going to Yellowstone, and I can safely say I'd have the route mapped out in my head first  But, both of us have Android devices and apparently Apple has fixed the app.

We did get a little turned around earlier this summer searching for a lake cabin near Detroit Lakes. So we had to call in a lifeline and have the cabin owner meet our stranded selves and lead us back.  But to our credit, we weren't calling from Bemidji.

It's a fun story from the AP.  Give it a read it'll make you smile.  Make sure to scroll through the pictures to see the Devils Lake boys holding yellow stones out on a dirt road in Idaho. They took it well.

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