The title of this article really should say "There is no shame in asking for a ride ANYWHERE on this planet"

Tomorrow night is one of the most anticipated events of the year, whether you had an awful 365 days or a great one, we all need to embrace a new year. Hopes and dreams of course are the corny words people say when they refer to the start of a new calendar year. Then there are those who are bound and determined to announce to everyone their New Year's Eve resolutions ( most knowing full well by January 2nd most of the goals they set will be toast ) There is nothing wrong with looking forward to having an awesome time tomorrow night, just make sure that you never forget one thing, common sense. With the weather dipping down into the seriously dangerous low temperatures, and the already slippery road conditions, why risk it all by thinking you are safe to drive even after one drink?

Take advantage of the resources that are available to you

Thank goodness for people offering discounts on sober rides. KFYR TV reported on one such deal "To get $10 dollars off a ride from Lyft between today and January 2nd, use the code VZWINTER1, or visit for more information" Remember there is no such thing as SHAME when you hand your keys over to someone who is completely sober. A split second of bad judgment can ruin your life and who knows how many others.

Am I trying to preach to you, or pretend like I have all the answers?

No, trust me I have made mistakes that involved drinking and driving. I was lucky you see, I spun that deadly "wheel of fortune" way too many times. When you are impaired, your mind plays games, convincing you that only a mile away is your destination, however that can and HAS ended in disaster all over the world. Be smart and be alive on January 2nd, 2022.


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