One of Bismarck's favorite decked-out houses lost a display or two in the wild wind that was whipping through town overnight.

This morning (December 23), the people of Chmielewski's Christmas Corner posted sad news about losing two Nativity Scene displays to the windy night last night. In a Facebook post, the family shared that their rooftop Nativity Scene "came crashing down off the roof in the middle of the night and landed on the Nativity Scene in the yard."  While they are saddened that the irreplaceable pieces will no longer be a part of the display, they are are working to fix up their yard so the community can still enjoy Chmielewski's Christmas Corner. 

Though I moved to Bismarck over the holidays last year, this is the first year I have gotten to drive around and check out all of the beautiful holiday displays in the area. I have lived all over North Dakota, and the Bismarck-Mandan area definitely has the best displays in the state. Including the famous Chmielewski's Christmas Corner.

I was lucky enough to see this family's incredible display just this past weekend. The Chmielewksi's Christmas Corner house is unique because the display is an interactive experience! When we found the house, the lights were so bright, they lit up the whole block. People were gawking at the lights, Ferris wheel, candy cane bridge, the North Star, and more! It was definitely one of the coolest holiday displays I have ever seen.

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