As everybody knows, we have been dealing with road construction for a few months now.  We have learned where the lanes merge, where to detour around and so on.

As much as we try to leave early or stay later, often times we get stuck in traffic.  Places I have been  stuck include Grant Marsh Bridge, Washington and Expressway, 3rd and Rosser, Main Street Mandan and 1st Street in Mandan.

While waiting for a light or for the cars to advance forward, I have seen people talking on their cell phones or texting, maybe checking  Facebook or emails.  I have seen people eating, I myself eat french fries at times, some are talking with others in the car, or singing along with the radio....COOL 98.7?  But I witnessed the best "stuck in traffic, kill some time" recently.

I was coming off the strip, going towards Main Street in Mandan.  I was in the turn lane, cars are backed up to the Scooter Shack.  Across from me was a guy having some fun.  He rolled down his window, stuck is hand out and motioned 'Rock, Paper,Scissors'.  The car in front of him, saw it, the window went down and out came hands.  The cars behind him, joined the game.  A spontaneous game of Rock, Paper, Scissors began.  A set of hands disappeared when he threw scissors, but was beat by rock.  The game went on for a few rounds.  I was chuckling and gave a thumbs up sign as I drove past.

So, the next time you are stuck in traffic...maybe try a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Just remember, Paper covers Rock, Scissors cut Paper, Rock beats Scissors!

(thank you to my hand models, Dustie and Ashley, for the picture)


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