Here in the Bismarck Mandan area we are fortunate to have 3 pet rescue organizations. Central Dakota Humane Society, Kitty City and Furry Friends Rocking Rescue are in the business of saving animals.   They save cats and dogs and other animals and get them ready for adoption.  Each organization relies on charitable donations to keep their places running.  Thru out the year they  hold many fundraisers.  Here are just a couple of upcoming events.

Central Dakota Humane Society is holding their Dog Days Deals Rummage Sale August 11th thru the 14th.  Your purchases will help feed and care for the animals at CDHS.

The sale hours are as follows:

Wednesday, August 11  4pm to6pm

Thursday/Friday, August 12 & 13 9am to 6pm

Saturday, August 14 9am to 2pm

Find some great deals and help a good cause.

Another fun event is happening at Kitty City.  They are hosting their 3rd Annual Floats with Goats on Saturday, August 28 starting at noon.  Kitty City is located south of Mandan and is also known as Triple H Horse Rescue.   But it not just cats and horses, there are the goats, chickens, pigs and ducks.

While enjoying a float, you can tour the grounds, buy bake sale goods and meet the animals.  Kitty City is home to quite a few characters that will warm your heart.

You can find these organizations on Facebook.  Donations are always welcome.  And who knows, you just might find a furry family member!  I have adopted cats from Central Dakota Humane Society.  Each organization has many animals waiting to meet you.

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