Pebbles Thompson, of North Dakota's Project Ignite Light, would like you to know about their holiday campaign, PJ's With a Purpose. And it's one of the worthiest causes around.

Thompson explains simply:

We help children of extreme child abuse when they have to be removed from the home or when their families are seeking assistance.


PJ's With a Purpose, Project Ignite Light's holiday campaign, invites us all to help put a smile on the faces of children most in need during this season of giving. Thompson explains further:

...It's a social media campaign where we're inviting people to take a picture in their favorite pajamas, post a picture online, make a donation to Project Ignite Light and then invite your friends to the party.


The donated funds go toward providing overnight bags for kids, complete with, of course, pajamas, health and hygiene products, journals and blankets. Says Ashley Steckler of Child Advocacy Centers of North Dakota:

It's really a little glimmer of light for the kids to be able to have a bag for them. Their eyes kind of light up when they see that everything that has been put together has been put together with their needs in mind.


Thompson describes her inspiration for the project as a sort of divine intervention:

I felt like the Lord was giving me one word and it was 'pajamas.' It made no sense and I began to pray about it and I had what I call, 'a burning bush moment,' and I just felt like the Lord was speaking to my heart and saying 'Pebbles, it's not about the pajamas. It's about what they represent. In those dark times when they're afraid, I'll be their light.'


In six years, PJ's With a Purpose has provided 8,000 bags to North Dakota's needy children. To find out how you can help out, click the link above to go to Project Ignite Light's homepage (or click here).