Recently, the popular science and technology publication, Popular Mechanics, made a list of the best beer in every state. Unfortunately, Bismarck has a long drive ahead if they want it.

According to Popular Mechanics' list, the best beer in North Dakota is from Drekker Brewing, which is based out of Fargo. The Drekker Techno Viking Berliner Weissbier was their pick for our state.

The publication made its own statement about the beer, stating, "While it's a wonderful introduction to sour beer for the uninitiated, it's a phenomenal ale in its own right."

I, for one, have never experienced the beer as of yet. And apparently, it is not sold in the Bismarck area, according to Drekker Brewing Company's Beer Finder. The label for each and every product sold from Drekker Brewing looks like a bad acid trip, which is also really intriguing.

The 'best beer' would be the one in the bottom right-hand corner of the tweet.

Popular Mechanics also listed 'Honorable mentions,' Fargo Original Lager and Laughing Sun Strawberry Wheat. So hey, that's pretty awesome to see Bismarck's own Laughing Sun get a shoutout for having one of the best beers in North Dakota.

What do you think, North Dakota? Did they get this right? I have no frame of reference since I've never experienced it, so I'm seriously asking...?

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