It's the first official day of summer and yes, we're already talking about the popular fall craze, Pumpkin Spice. As if there weren't enough drinks and foods with the flavor, you'll soon be able to have it on your Frosted Flakes.

Tony the Tiger may soon be telling you just how 'grrrreat' Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes are. The cereal will be hitting grocery store shelves nationwide this coming September.

According to The Daily Meal, a pumpkin spice frosting with 'caramelized pumpkin aromatics' will coat the iconic sugary corn flakes.

Frosted Flakes is far from being the first cereal to join the Pumpkin Spice craze. Perhaps you've had Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, Special K, Life, or Frosted Mini-Wheats before.

From a personal standpoint, I've made it clear in the past that I have never been on board with the Pumpkin Spice craze. I'm not a fan. I hate the fact that Pumpkin Spice beer even exists. I mean, if they ever come out with Pumpkin Spice Gatorade, I think I'm done. But that's just me.

However, I know that it's ridiculously popular and people will literally eat it up, so enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes, North Dakota. They'll be in your local grocery stores in just over a couple months from now.

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