Today is National Cereal Day! Everyone has their own preferred cereal, but how do you find out what North Dakota's favorite cereal is? Easy, ask Google.

According to Google, the most popular cereal in North Dakota is (insert drum roll for effect)...Oreo O's (as made by Post).

However, Oreo O's have been discontinued since 2007 everywhere except for South Korea. You read that right. South. Korea. However, you can still make purchases of the state's favorite cereal, as it is still available through eBay. If you happened to click on that link, you'll notice the seller's location is in South Korea.

This is a mystery that raises several questions about the cereal. If the cereal is discontinued, why have North Dakotans been searching for it so much, via Google? Is there someone out there so fascinated with Oreo O's that they're continuously hitting the refresh button on Google search, trying to find out when it will be available for purchase? And why would that person be too stubborn to purchase it from South Koreans on eBay?

As for other states throughout the country, Kellog's Special-K seems to be the most popular as it came up as the most popular in such states as California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. My personal favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or I call it, "CT Crunch," is the favorite of our eastern neighbors in Minnesota.

No matter what cereal you prefer, grab a bowl, spoon, some milk and live it up. Happy National Cereal Day, everyone!

***Disclaimer: Please cereal responsibly.***

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