Happy National Cereal Day, everyone! According to Google, we now know North Dakota's most popular cereal of the past year is and...Really? That's what you picked?

In 2017, the most searched for cereal in the state of North Dakota was Oreo O's. At the time, it was sort of baffling due to the fact that it had been discontinued since 2007. In fact, the only place you could find it was in South Korea. However, things have changed within the past year.

Since then, Oreo O's are now back on the shelves at grocery stores. Apparently, I have terrible observational habits while grocery shopping because I was not aware of this until a station listener told me.

That being said, I typically just head straight to where the Cinnamon Toast Crunch ('Family Size' box which is actually only just for me) is and proceed to snatch it off the shelf. CT Crunch, as I call it, has long been my personal favorite cereal. But let's get back on topic.

It would certainly almost be a given that 2018's 'Most Popular Cereal' in North Dakota would go to the chocolatey oat cereal covered in creme coating deliciousness that is Oreo O's, but NO!!! According to Google, the most popular cereal in North Dakota in 2018 is Kashi...What the %@#$???

Don't get me wrong, I get it, the healthier option is what you went with. But after its hiatus and unavailability, why would you not want the tasty chocolatey goodness that's like already having your Oreo's dumped in milk? It's baffling to me. Maybe you're like me and you were so used to it not being on the shelf, so you just grabbed a cereal and made a beeline for the next item on your shopping list.

Then again, if you're completely sold on Kashi, have fun enjoying your nutritious cereal. Next grocery shopping trip I take, I'm dividing up my cereal eating needs between CT Crunch and what should be the actual most popular cereal in North Dakota in 2018, Oreo O's.

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