We talked about cereals at the Cool 98.7 Breakfast Table this past week and found out what some of our favorites were and some we loved as kids and still love now.  Well it looks like a couple of old favorites are coming back in time for Halloween!


Those classic monster cereals like Fruit Brute and Franken Berry will have a sweet treat this Halloween -- there will be a limited-edition release of all those sugary favorites, in their original retro packaging---it this cool or what.  The folks at General Mills--who makes the cereals---has officially announced the return (albeit temporary) of long gone Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy flavors and of course a nice retro look for the boxes of Count Chocula, Boo Berry and the always popular Franken Berry all coming back.  The cereal boxes will have a 70's retro look for this year's Halloween season.  A nice little sweet treat for breakfast, eh???  Or as suggested above we could go for a big bowl of heart-healthy Cheerios???