Everything in moderation. Wise words for both alcohol and honesty.  Unfortunately for many of us an increase in alcohol leads to an increase in honesty. Which leads me to more wise words- "There are things best left unsaid".  But alcohol will have us convinced our partner is putting the wrong sock on the wrong foot. Don't laugh- I once had a girlfriend who designated her socks left and right.  Doesn't mean I should down half a bottle of Jack Daniels and loudly explain how downright dopey she is- especially since we're quarantined.

Cherry Digital offers this insight:

"Alcohol.org, a leading provider of treatment resources and everything related to alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, conducted a survey of 3,000 couples to find out how many are incompatible when drinking together. Overall, it was found that over 1 in 10 North Dakotans (15%) polled admit they often argue with their partner when one or both have been drinking alcohol. This strongly suggests that alcohol only exacerbates the issue, which could be because one-fifth (20%) of respondents say they are more honest with one another when drunk. Perhaps this is where underlying issues are brought to the surface, which is especially problematic if you are living in isolation with your partner with no other outlet to express your emotions."

So, you've stockpiled enough wine, beer, and booze to last you until January- but remember bars have closing time for a reason. Just maybe our mouths should too.  Where do you think you are- the Comfort Inn?  I hear they make a really strong Quarantini.


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