We recently told you to the top baby names throughout the entire country but now Sanford has announced the top baby names at their hospitals.

Apparently not much has changed since 2016 or 2015

These were the top baby names for boys:

1. Jackson/Jaxon
2. Grayson/Greyson
3. Henry
4. Liam
5. Theodore

Jackson/Jaxson was the top baby name for boys in 2015 but did not make the list in 2016.

William was the top name in 2016 but did not make 2017's list.

The top baby names for girls were:

1. Emma
2. Lillian/Lily
3. Abigail/Abby
4. Nora/Norah
5. Harper

For girls, Emma was the third most popular name in 2016 and the top name in 2015. Harper, which earned the top spot in 2016 dropped to No. 5.

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