As we get closer to Christmas we see signs all around us.  Holiday decorations are going up in the neighborhood, stores have their Christmas aisles stocked and we are seeing more Christmas commercials on television.

We know that Santa is really busy, getting ready for his big night.  To do that, he has lots of helpers around the world who step in and get lists from children of all ages.  We see his helpers all over.  Santas will be in malls, shopping centers, at events, one of his most recognized helpers is on the final float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  In fact, that is the picture I shared.

Anyone who has seen Santa knows he a grandpa-like figure.   But now do to Covid -related issues, there is a struggle to hire Santa helpers.    Many of those helpers are more elderly and possibly have personal health reasons for not helping as in past years.

However, your child can still get their list to Santa by writing him a letter.   According to the United States Postal Service, letters to Santa should be addressed to

123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888

that is the address to his workshop and not his residence.

And yes, Santa is also internet savvy, you can email him at

I couldn't find a current phone number for him, besides, it is hard to text in mittens.

So help your kids write those letters or emails to Santa.  As of today, December 14th, there are 41 days till he arrives with his sleigh filled with treats.


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