Another Business Added To The Kirkwood Mall

There have been quite a few happenings in and/or near the Kirkwood Mall. Businesses have seemingly been flocking to the area, and I've recently learned there's another store that just opened April 11th.

"KHS The Salon" now operates out of the Kirkwood Mall. It sits near JC Penny and right across from H&M. Systems7 Salon formerly occupied that same space.


Kirkwood Mall,
Kirkwood Mall,

And... if you're wondering, "KHS" stands for "Kristal's Hair Studio."

Kristal's Hair Studio has been around for 13 years; The owner, Kristal Schaaf, says this was both an expansion and rebranding project.

"I wanted to keep the history of the company going, but I wanted to take my first name out of it, so I rebranded with the help of my web designer and brand expert to KHS," said Schaaf.


Schaaf tells me they are in the process of hiring stylists. At full capacity, the salon will have 8 in total.

To "Dye" For

It's a full-service hair salon that offers everything you would expect. They do colors, cuts, extensions, brows, and sell a range of hair products. They say they have everything you need to get your perfect look.

About The Owner:

I reached out to the operator, Kristal Schaaf, she tells me she's been doing hair for 16 years. She says she's expanding her business; she also owns "The KHS Academy." The academy is an online, educational website for hairstylists.

"The salon is education based. My stylists are trained and certified. They then, in turn, educate our customers and also educate other hairstylists," said Schaaf.

Schaaf says she even developed her own teaching methods, and they're pretty unique...

"I’ve created 'KHS The Systems,' which is my teaching method. The methods are primarily taught to hairstylists but can be open to the public. What makes the methods unique is that I use horses," said Schaaf.


Schaaf says she feel confident about moving the brand forward. While the mall is currently closed due to unfavorable weather conditions, the salon is open for business. See the Kirkwood Mall Facebook page for updates on its hours of operations.




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