Saturday June 20th, is Children's Day at the Dakota Zoo!  Zoo members get in free with regular admission rates for non-members. Games, prizes, and all kinds of fun.  You'll see some changes this year in respects to social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures.  But there's so much more to see and do at the zoo!

It's Children's Day in two ways- as I mentioned there's games and activities for children, but the zoo is also full of it's own kids. The Dakota Zoo has baby critters galore!  Take a look here at these two young red ruffed lemurs. But that's just the beginning of the expanding zoo family. Other little ones include Przewalski horse, two bison calves, goat kid, two Urial lambs, a cotton top tamarin, highland calf, and a litter of Pallas's cat kittens.

Entering their 59th season, the Dakota Zoo keeps improving every year. This year, the zoo has introduced two new trains to help visitors explore the park.  There's updated environments for the mountain goats and alligators. Everywhere you look, there's fascinating animals- otters and raccoons, bears and eagles, all looking forward to seeing your whole family.

After a day of fun at the zoo- pay a visit to The Superslide Amusement Park.  The park feature's North Dakota's only roller coaster, miniature golf, bumper cars, carousel, ferris wheel, and of course the exhilarating super slide. There's plenty of fun to be had throughout Bismarck's Sertoma Park.

We'll see you for Children's Day Saturday, June 20th from 10AM to 1PM at the Dakota Zoo!

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