Shout to everyone to friend up up!

Here we go. Assuming we're all now friends. Please note I have a lot of links just to make sure I have source material covered.  So click if ya like and you can come right back.

Facebook came out in 2004 so that was 16 years ago.  Remember Outkast's  "Hey Ya"? Of course you's on You Tube. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Everyone started saying hey ya to each other in a place that wasn't AOL or Yahoo. It was the Facebook,  (referred forward as simply Facebook).

2008? My daughter's cadre of teens put up a Friends of Scott McGowan Facebook page. I'd link you to it except I'm sure after 12 years of inactivity they might have destroyed it. Sorry if I never friended you. Having opened up that can of whup' ass...let's go here-


As Michael Jackson said so eloquently....You Are Not Alone. I think I have to say it''s the entire You Tube video link...try and stop watching. (Shane Parsons)

So you are not alone...Must have been 7 years ago, I created another Facebook account.  I still have some friend requests from seven years back. Seems I took my time coming to the party.

But, I called you all over here this Memorial Day weekend to explain to me- now what?

I've expanded my role on our app which is enjoyable to get some thoughts out of my head through writing and pictures instead of just talking. By writing I mean-my 9th grade teacher had a big red RS on every paper-


Don't judge.  Spelling is hard too. When do you use a semi-colon?

So, if I'm sharing my COOL 98.7 stuff...It's how I'm feeling today- feel free to take a peek. And, in a non-creepy-way, I then peek into your stuff?

Thing is do I then "like you"? When do I "share"? When am I insulting you by not replying?  There's so many subtle things!.. I know some of y'all have been Facebookin' for, what are your rules or routine? We've got the Memorial Day weekend to bat it around. Honestly hit me with your best stuff!  I'll try to somewhat keep up.


Curious In Bismarck About The Facebook

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