The Peace Garden state was well represented with two cities in "America's Best Cities to raise a family" for 2021, according to our friends at Wallet Hub.  In fact, according to the article, both of these cities made the top 20 in the country.  Not to shabby, ya fer sure you betcha.

So, before I get to the two cities from North Dakota that made the list (any guess on the two?),

I thought I should share how they came up with their methodology.  The key metrics were cost of housing, quality of education, heath care facilities and opportunities for fun and recreation.  All of those factor into establishing good family dynamics.

Did you know the average person moves 11 times during the course of their life? 

WOW, I had no idea.  That seems high to me, but that's what the article says.  How about the average family?  How often will they move?  I couldn't find any concrete numbers, but a relator I know said, a family will move every 5 to 7 years on average.  I know growing up my family only moved 3 times.

Well, the two cities in in North Dakota that would be a good bet for families are BISMARCK at #16 and Fargo at #18.

Those are the two North Dakota cities that made the top 20 in America's Best Cities To Raise A Family.  Bismarck scored especially high in "Health and Safety" and "Affordability".  Not so strong in "Family Fun" and "Education and Child Care".

So be glad you're living in one of America's best cities.  I know I am!


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