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The sentencing for a 27-yeard-old woman who was reported to have been starving her infant was announced yesterday (Wednesday May 25th).

According to Justice.org, the arrest of Paige Howling Wolf was ordered in October of 2020, after law enforcement and emergency crews responded to an incident at her residence in June of 2020.

5 Children In Wolf's Custody Examined

According to this source, the infant was found unresponsive and later declared deceased. Justice.org states that Wolf was mother to four other children. Those children were found to have methamphetamine in their systems.

Wolf was indicted by a federal grand jury for "Involuntary manslaughter in Indian Country."

The United States District Attorney's Office of North Dakota revealed the infant's cause of death to be "Chronic starvation."


According to NewsCenter1.tv, Wolf pled guilty to the charges in December of last year and her official sentencing was given yesterday (May 25th 2022). The source says Wolf received a 5-year prison sentence. Following that, she will be under a 3-year mandatory supervision by law agencies and the courts.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, Wolf also was charged with 3 counts of child neglect ---4 year sentences for each. She will serve them concurrently.


This is one of those things you never want to hear about happening. Child abuse and neglect is truly a sick -- an unbelievable thing.

If you feel any child in your area is in danger or a victim of abuse/neglect, please contact the proper authorities and/or child protective services. As a community, we have to work to spot these things before it leads to something horrific such as this.


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